Hobbies, Sports and Passion ….

Accelerate Sports Center is established with the objective of providing physical and mental growth of youngsters and develop their caliber through various sports activities. We provide coaching sessions. The aim is to support the development of sports like Swimming, Badminton, Cricket, Karate, Kung Fu, Yoga and Zumba

We are engaged in the business of imparting sports training. We have our own trainers and access to various sports fedrations who are available to ourselves and we provide their services to our clients. Coaching will be provided by well qualified coaches with all modern sports facilities.

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Accelerate Sports Center want to improve the health and economic vitality of the communities we serve. For us, the values of excellence, service, accountability, and collaboration are more than just words, they are guiding ideals that are infused into all our actions. It’s a culmination of the hard work of many people in our organization, but more importantly it’s an open door to the power of sports.

Sports are not always about winning games. Building healthier, happier, safer, and strong communities are also essential elements. Communities that get a chance to participate in sports also develop strong social bonds. As a result, many organizations have ventured into helping society through sports.

People who play, exercise, and are active daily are strong and healthy. For example, delayed onset of diabetes, low blood pressure, lowers cardiovascular diseases and general body health are some of the ways sports facilities help in the community’s health. Furthermore, strengthening the immune and increasing white blood cells are other benefits of exercising. The benefits of exercises are extended to the way people think and their mental states. Stress affects communities at large, but people engaging in exercising activities are resilient to stress. Sports and recreational activities have positive impacts on happiness.

As part of our leadership team, the company has hired the best trainers and coaches in the industry that are relentlessly pursuing the Company’s vision into creating a business model with an objective to eliminate deficiencies in a conventional sports center product. The lean organizational structure, low levels of people dependency yet high levels of people orientation & the need to manage scale with technology at its core, forms the foundation for the company at the helm of which is professionals with undisputed repute and an immensely successful track record.

We are a fast moving, performance- based, goal-oriented organization, where passionate, competent and focused individuals are given the tools, guidance and techniques to make a difference in synchronization with our tag line “My Hobby, My Sport, My Passion... “



To provide our esteemed members with best quality, useful, fun filled sports & enable them with all our technical & analytical insight with optimal usage of their talents through the best & professional environment which steers the path of a classic experience.


Sustain Accelerate Sports Center as one of the most valuable leaders in the field of sports club and facilitator through world class services at unmatched sports clubs and variety of sports by providing professional services for our esteemed members.



Accelerate Sports Center has a very unique and efficient approach when it comes to Coaching. Be believe in delivering Quality with Flexible Services driving towards the best Solutions with Integrity.


At Accelerate Sports Center, it is our constant endeavors to strive for the best and to ensure that we provide the best, with the best, for the best. A stimulating environment for the best to thrive.